A glass artwork made by members of the congregation, a liturgical centre conceived together with a workgroup, the open gathering place that was a clear priority for the community during discussions about possible design variations: knowing the story behind the renovation of the church building De Vaste Burcht in Gouda, you can see the engagement of the community in the result. Over the course of the project, this involvement ranged from informing and voting to designing and demolishing together. The renovation of the Vaste Burcht illustrates that co-creation is a carefully weighed combination of different forms of participation. To design with users, you also must be able to design for them and vice versa. (more…)

A social print and copy shop in the Buitenhof district in Delft: Kopie Koffie (Copy Coffee). Professional printing services, good coffee, and a social function for the neighbourhood. Layout, décor and ambiance had to contribute to the social enterprise. The operations, house-style and spatial interventions were treated as inter-connected elements: a design process for social impact. (more…)