Open Kaart, design studio for architecture, urban design and communication

Open Kaart specializes in design questions with multiple stakeholders. We take responsibility in a process where the needs of residents and users are act as guidelines. We provide peace of mind when necessary and give space for creative cooperation wherever possible.

Team Open Kaart

Our approach:

As designers, we like to work in co-creation with users, clients, and other stakeholders. For example, making a neighborhood more sustainable or renovating or creating space for an association.

We organize the co-creation, which means involving the various stakeholders and experts in the process. This offers significant added value to a project.

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Our Vision

“The meaning and value of a place is made clear through dialog between designer and users.”

For Open Kaart, the design process is more than a means to achieve a result. It is a journey, with new values and possibilities to be discovered. A collective effort that brings people closer together.

In our design processes users, residents, clients and other interested parties each have their own role. The best and most sustainable results are achieved by bringing the different stakeholders together properly.

A Few Benefits of Co-creation

Collective Support

Support for solving spatial design problems and generating initiative

Ownership and Involvement

Ownership of the results by those involved, also in management

Insights into Local Wishes and Needs

Deep insight into what is happening and what is actually necessary

Input from Experts through Experience

A better design through the users, the real experts in use

The Open Kaart Team

We are a team of inspired architects, designers, and urban planners. We work toward a vibrant living environment which motivates people to collectively take responsibility for it.

Wessel Jonker | architect

Design is for people. It begins with active listening: the user is the expert. From there, I make surprising and insightful spatial designs where collective knowledge is brought to life

Pieter Graaff | architect

Building and renovating is like tinkering with a living organism. Therefore, it is important to engage with the experiences and insights of users in the design process.

Sophie Lok | architect

Listening and looking carefully. In a good design, everything must come together. I puzzle and work until it all falls into place and then bring it to life in drawings.

Jurrian Arnold | urban planner

I include as many people as possible in a design process. I search for surprising, creative solutions that align with peoples’ experiences at all different scales.

Hanneke Stenfert | architect

In my work, I engage with stories of how people prefer to work and live. I see understanding of the daily life and values of users as an essential ingredient in a sustainable and vibrant living environment.

Tamar Henquet | architectural designer

I like to work with groups that want to live or work together. My creativity and enthusiasm contribute to a appealing result.

Tijs | design engineer

I like to combine my skills for technical solutions with my passion to make great places together. Thereby, I make abstract ideas concrete.

Our Services

Our goal is to find inspiring solutions for spatial design challenges, together with clients and users. We do this by means of the following services:

Creating a plan together. We provide an appropriate process design and the right communication.

From an area development plan to a school renovation: design allows us talk about the impact of other ways of thinking. In design-based research, the possibilities are explored in cooperation with both users and experts.

Spatial and financial choices have impact on operations and a design that strikes the right chord can help generate resources and support. That is why we like to be involved already, even when the precise planning or financing isn’t complete.

How to arrive at a vision by everyone, for everyone? We construct a collective narrative with residents and users. And know how to communicate this is text and image.

Involve design in conversations with residents and users and discover where need and support already exist.

Clarity about the possibilities of an existing building or neighborhood.

We translate ideas into appealing, achievable plans.

Even during construction there is often still space for co-creation. We manage the construction all the way to delivery.

We deliver the results warm, ready for use and management, with an organized set of drawings and professional photos.

Typical Design Questions

We use design as a tool to arrive at results in which everyone can see themselves and be inspired. What are some of the typical questions we solve?

Do you want to build (or remodel) a house together with a group of people?

We help you to formulate the right approach, develop a vision and design of your residence. Both you and the other participants are closely involved in the process.

Help, the residents have an idea!

This can be the beginnings of a beautiful cooperation. We help partners in the public sector to incorporate the ideas of active residents into planning for urban renewal, rural areas, or newly developing residential neighborhoods. From area development plans to small spatial planning, we support cities, corporations, or public area managers to find shared interests, responsibilities and, where possible, work toward design and realization.

How do I involve my employees or volunteers in the planning process?

Our approach is unique with its involved and inclusive design processes. This makes us experts in spatial transformations. We know how to start them up in such a way that everyone can take part. Whether it is for a commercial company, volunteer organization or church congregation, the process of thinking together about their location is an opportunity to involve people in the organization. Therefore, we like to step into a project in as early as possible. Because of our experience, we know how to generate support and enthusiasm by bringing in ‘experts through experience’ in design and transformation processes.

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