Expertise: Co-creation in Spatial Development

The development of an area requires various experts and users to work together.

Increasingly complicated challenges are arising within Spatial Development. This requires an intensive type of cooperation. In the new zoning code, ‘participation’ is a mandatory element in spatial development. With the right expertise and thoughtful process design, this can have a great added value.

Why Spatial Development
& Co-creation?

In an existing city or region there is no single party that decides the future of the area. Working together effectively contributes to a high level of quality for all.

Our Added Value
in Spatial Development

Process design that brings together the expertise of users and professionals leads to social, political and financial capital and strengthens relationships.

More than a design:

Experts through experience

The knowledge that users bring to the process

Tailor-made programs

Knowing where the needs are and utilizing existing energy

Initiatives and Ambassadors

Bringing the development further together and publicising the results

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