Expertise: Social Spaces

How can we make places that are welcoming to a wide variety of users?

Social organisations, associations or enterprises often have a unique and informal atmosphere. A design for these places must speak to its specific users and be welcoming and accessible for visitors. This requires close collaboration between designers and users.

Why meeting and co-creation?

Accessible social spaces are unique, not because of vast square-footage, but because of the dynamism of the organisations involved, including the volunteers and/or professionals.

The benefits of
coming together

We utilise the design process to clarify and gather the implicit knowledge and wishes of the different stakeholders in a project.

More than a design:

Vision and Strategy

Thinking together helps in thinking about who you want to be

Ownership and Engagement

The results feel trustworthy when you are part of the process

Solidarity and Hospitality

A good process gives a boost for your organisation

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