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Open Kaart shapes living environments through the process of co-creation


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Open Kaart

We are a design studio specialized in architecture, urban planning, and communications. We work on spatial design challenges through co-creation with residents, municipalities, and other stakeholders.

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Wessel Jonker | architect

Design is for people. It begins with active listening: the user is the expert. From there, I make surprising and insightful spatial designs where collective knowledge is brought to life

Pieter Graaff | architect

Building and renovating is like tinkering with a living organism. Therefore, it is important to engage with the experiences and insights of users in the design process.

Jurrian Arnold | urban planner

I include as many people as possible in a design process. I search for surprising, creative solutions that align with peoples’ experiences at all different scales.

Hanneke Stenfert | architect

In my work, I engage with stories of how people prefer to work and live. I see understanding of the daily life and values of users as an essential ingredient in a sustainable and vibrant living environment.

What we do

Open Kaart specializes in assignments involving multiple stakeholders. We engage with these parties through co-creation.

Co-creation offers advantages. For example, bringing residents together, finding common ground and involving experienced experts.

We work on a variety of scales – from one room to an entire neighbourhood – for residents, social organizations, and governments.

What we're working on...

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Expertise: Meeting Places

How can we make places that are welcoming to a wide variety of users?

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Expertise: Spatial Development

The development of an area requires cooperation between various experts and users.

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Expertise: A Personal Home

Building or renovating a home (alone or together) is no ordinary task. A good working relationship between resident and architect is crucial.

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