Expertise: A Personal Home

Building or renovating a home (alone or together) is no ordinary task. A good working relationship between resident and architect is crucial.

There are few things personal as your home. Whether you build (or renovate) for yourself or collectively, an effective process is important in considering your goals and how to achieve them. We help residents stay in control of that process. This way, the results feel entirely your own.

Why a home
& co-creation?

Architects can build an attractive house, but residents know best how they want to live in it. When these factors come together properly, the resulting home has quality and character.

The benefits of
a personal home

We speak the language of the residents as well as the builders. Together, we arrive at exciting and suitable solutions. Every project has a unique solution.

More than a design:

Knowing what you want

Working together to translate broad concepts into specific wishes

A collective process

In harmony with (future) neighbours or housemates

Suitable and surprising

The result you wanted, but more than you could have imagined

Insights about a personal home

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