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  • Spatial Development

In 2023-2024 an old barracks grounds and the neighbouring tax office will become property of the city of Breda. The city will purchase the ground from the national government to develop it into a new piece of Breda. Working title: The Seeligkwartier.

The ambition is that the development really adds something to the city and that the significance be defined by Bredanaars themselves. Housing, a river and a park are all a given, but how exactly; that is a question for the whole city. Open Kaart ensures that everyone who wants to be involved can think together about the future of this area. We have summarized this collective vision in a video and magazine that were presented, together with the participants, to the city council.

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Design Brief

It’s not every day you get the chance to add a piece to a downtown. It is a special gift that you must unpack carefully. Residents, experts, and the city spoke together, under the guidance of Open Kaart, to come to the best conceivable plan for this long closed-off area.

It is noteworthy that the planning economy is also part of the public dialogue in this case. The co-creation is made really concrete through an open discussion of the costs and benefits of different ideas.

Project Details

Seeligkwartier, Breda

Municipality of Breda

2020 – Present

Spatial Development

Project Team
Jurrian Arnold and Pieter Graaff

In Partnership with:
Bureau Middelkoop, ProducedbyMM, De Ontwerpers, Urban Living Lab, among others.


The Seeligkwartier is a public secret in Breda. Many people know it is there, but you are not allowed to be there. The city of Breda asked Open Kaart to make a vision with the whole city for the desired character for this new piece of downtown. A lovely begin point for an open discussion that goes further than just collecting ideas. Bredanaars can work as equals on the future of this area.

The project is supported in part by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. The fund recognises this approach as an innovative method for working with zoning laws.

De opbrengsten van de co-creatie zijn opgetekend in een speciaal magazine. Klik op de afbeelding om het magazine te downloaden.

Collecting and Representing

How do you ensure that the whole city of Breda can contribute to ideas about the future of a closed off piece of downtown? In the corona-year 2020, we worked with young and old, online, and offline on the vision for the Seeligkwartier. Our most important trick: we let Breanaars themselves decide what the basis of the vision should be. We took them seriously by also giving civil servants, planning economists and other experts an active role in the meetings.

Through vlogs and a partnership with students from the Urban Living Lab, we also reached Bredanaars who aren’t so up to date with the development in their city. Thanks to a partnership with the local broadcaster BredaNu, more people joined the city dialogue by halfway through the process than would have fit in the available meeting space without the corona-restrictions. Two elementary school classes and a minor program from a high school shared their plans for the area.

The vision is presented to the city council by participates and share with a wider audience in the form of a magazine

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