A New Property in Nijbroek Polder

  • Spatial Development

Residents of Nijbroek polder took the initiative to repurpose an old, unused barnyard. With this project they are building on the vision for the future of Nijbroek polder which Open Kaart and residents formulated together. An old farmhouse and shed will be replaced by five new residences on a shared plot. This new arrangement contributes to the liveability of the village and enhances the unique landscape of the polder. Open Kaart works on developing the property together with the residents who initiated the project

Design Brief

The initiative for the development stems from the vision for the Nijbroek polder which residents formulated together with Open Kaart. The task is to create a realistic plan, with and for the residents of Nijbroek polder, which meets the ambitions stated in the vision.

The transformation of dilapidated farmhouse into a new property. The medieval polder-landscape between between Ijssel and Veluwe is the basis for the new property where five new residences will come to stand.

The residences share an outdoor space, a shed and an orchard.

Project Details

Nijbroek, municipality of Voorst, Nederland

Coöperatie Polder Nijbroek

2020 – Present

Collective living, New buildings, Outdoor space

Project Team
Hanneke Stenfert 

Romy Zwiers, landscape architect


Developing a new property

The empty farm and farmhouse on the edge of the village centre has fallen into disrepair in recent years. Open Kaart developed a plan, together with the project initiators, for the redevelopment of the location. Not only for the new residents, but for the rest of Nijbroek as well. The property, with its five new residences, gives a fresh face to the village entry. It contributes to the diversity of available housing types and enhances the character of the polder-landscape.

Getting to work in the polder

The development of this new property is the first project of the recently founded Coöperatie Polder Nijbroek (Nijbroek Polder Cooperation). The cooperation’s goal is to give concrete form to the vision ‘Connected by the land’ (‘Door Grond verbonden’). This was created in 2019 together with Nijbroek residents. The vision contains departure points to ensure that the polder remains an attractive place to live, work and stay, now and for the future.

The vision was not intended as a final result, but as a catalyst to bundle local energy, enthusiasm and resources and get to work. The redevelopment of the farm property brings together different themes from the vision, such as enriching existing qualities of the landscape, the liveability of the village and recreation opportunities in the polder.

Project Location

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